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date night sessions

Weddings are a celebration of your love story. They're a culmination of everything you and your partner have experienced up until this milestone - those initial butterflies and all the giddy feelings, from your first date to your most recent, every conversation about your future together, and all the moments in between.


To commemorate your most special day, I want to emphasize your timeless experiences which led to this event. I want every minute with you and your partner to feel like another glorified date night, especially when it comes to your wedding, because it is just that.


All of the soulful, romantic poses are absolutely stunning and such classic pieces to look on for years to come. Nevertheless, my biggest passion is to highlight your most authentic moments with your boo. The ones where you can forget you're in front of a camera and just continue to date the love of your life.


Have a fun date night in mind? Whether that be having a romantic picnic at sunset, long walks on the beach, going to your coffee shop, or even just hitting Steak 'n Shake and walking around town, I'd love to join you! I know it might sound crazy, but these random adventures will be core memories you'll likely remember just as clearly, so why not photograph these moments to cherish forever?


My husband and I had our photos taken by Meg, and she made it so fun and effortless! We are not the greatest in front of the camera, but she was able to capture genuine smiles and moments. She is also one of the sweetest humans you will ever come across.

Katy & Dave

"The brain stays up all night telling stories while we sleep. We just call them dreams."

Jonathan Gottschall

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