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Meet Meg Silva Photography

Adventurous, a believer, and a romantic are just a few words to describe me. Fair warning, because if you and your boo inquire to work with me, I'll also ask you which three words best describe your relationship. I can't wait to hear more about your love story!

To answer the age old question of how I got into photography originally, I had the opportunity to pick up disposable cameras my family often had lying around the house. I remember snapping angles of the most random objects to capture "creative shots" that ended up developing as blurred colors and textures, but of course seemed like masterpieces at the time. This passion grew into me being gifted my first point and shoot camera which I used to capture snapshots of grainy landscapes. I can assure you that my style has matured greatly since.

High school rolled around and that's when I first started developing my own photographic style. I originally dabbled in landscape and travel photography, as well as homestyle videos as a YouTube "vlogger", before becoming a portrait photographer. It wasn't until November 2021 that I fully got into all things weddings. I have since had the privilege to work with several amazing couples to help bring their wedding day visions to life.

I'm a wedding and elopement photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, but take me anywhere. My aim is to be more than a wedding photographer. I want to come alongside of you to help capture you and your fiancé's love story and best celebrate the beginning of your forever. Weddings can be stressful, I know, so my goal is to be your trusted advisor, wedding photographer, and best friend all in one. Here's to the free-spirited, wildflowers, and dreamers. Let's get in touch!

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